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Here is what Elyse Resch, the co-founder of Intuitive Eating, had to say about the Debunking Diet Culture course:

"Making an investment in Dr. Sara Dowsett’s “Debunking Diet Culture” video course is an investment in finding a life filled with joy and satisfaction in eating, body liberation, and the freedom to trust your body’s innate wisdom.

From a psychologist’s vast knowledge of the human psyche and the science to support what she teaches; Sara will guide you through a process of unlearning the damaging thoughts that diet culture has instilled in you and give you the foundation for developing a new and sustainable relationship with food and your body."


I think it was really important for me to understand that 98% of diets don’t work. This has helped me be more realistic. 

I would encourage others to invest in themselves and their emotional health and self esteem around body image by doing this course. I would 100% recommend it.


Thank you IPA for the crazy journey that unpacked layers and years of conditioning! Massive work starts now but just glad that for the entire month, I went through this.

Part of my shadow work pointed me to my major resentment of my body image, and I'm so glad to have found you for this. 

Dr Hayley Silcox

As a psychologist myself, after completing the course that I now feel I am in a better position to support those in larger bodies, as I have a better understanding of the societal pressures at play. 

Overall, I think this course is fantastic and is much needed to help change the scripts around diet culture. I would highly recommend this course and would say it’s suitable for anyone, but may be particularly useful for those that struggle with BID and want to feel empowered & worthy. 

Dr Penny Utton

It is clear that Dr Sara is not only incredibly passionate about this topic, she is also phenomenally well informed.

This course offers a wonderful and unique combination of skilled expertise in psychology and mental health with a detailed knowledge of dieting, nutrition and eating. I therefore believe it to be an invaluable resource for those wanting to move beyond body image and dieting.

I would thoroughly recommend this course and will definitely be referring clients. Well done Dr Sara!"

This course has been a big eye opener for me...

I always thought I was dieting for health but really I was dieting because I wanted to be thin. I now realise that craving to be be thin isn’t something that is individual to me. Instead, it is an obscured ideal that belongs to our western society, an ideal that places so much stress and harm on women in particular.

Understanding these wider aspects to this topic along with learning why diets don’t work has provided me with enough information to make the huge decision to stop dieting. This feels both liberating and scary because it is all I have known most of my adolescent and adult life.

I am in the early stages of healing my relationship with my body and this course has played a HUGE part in helping me get there. Thank you!

- Claire



I chose to do this course because I wanted to learn more about intuitive eating. I really enjoyed learning about the principles of intuitive eating and trying out some experiments!

I hadn’t realised that I would learn so much about diet culture and the way that its shapes our perceptions of our bodies and how we relate to food.

This course has made me feel so angry at all the time, money and energy I have wasted over many years trying to change my body. I signed the pledge in the last module to commit to stopping this from now on.

Thank you Sara for sharing your knowledge with me, I have been encouraging my friends and family to sign up too.


I was recommended this course by a friend and I didn’t know what to expect. I have always disliked my body and just assumed that this was a normal aspect of being female. I have also tried EVERY diet going and always end up putting the weight back on plus more. I thought this was because I was weak and lacked willpower.

Learning about what happens in the body when we diet was a big light bulb moment for me. I no longer blame myself and feel sad for all the years I have caused my body harm through the process of restricting and dieting.

I highly recommend this course - Sara’s knowledge and passion for the topic really shines through. I now want to be part of spreading the word that diet culture is ridiculously harmful and that there is indeed another way!


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