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Binge Eating & Food Habituation

Nov 15, 2022

Are you struggling with binge eating? Maybe you have recently binged and as a result you are considering stepping back into the dreaded dieting cycle and restricting particular food groups once again.

But what about if this time you did the exact OPPOSITE instead? 🤯

Yep - the very foods that you are planning on cutting out, the foods that you have categorised as ‘bad’ - EAT THOSE INSTEAD ✅

Food restriction is a key part of the binge restrict cycle. If you are binge eating, it is likely that you are also restricting too.  

And what we know for sure is that: ⚡️WHAT WE RESIST PERSISTS ⚡️

Food restriction can fall into 1 of 2 categories: 

1.Physical restriction (not allowing the food to pass your lips)🤐

2.Cognitive restriction 💭 (which basically means you might be eating them but when you do, you think you shouldn't and you accompany the eating of the food with a side helping of guilt and shame - YUM) 

ANY restriction (physical or cognitive) will emotionally charge your relationship with these foods, will increase their perceived desirability and keep you fixated - leading to a constant restrict into ➡︎ binge cycle🌪

How about this week you try, even if it’s just once to start with, to eat the foods you desire with FULL PERMISSION 💫 Eating the foods you usually restrict with full permission will lead to FOOD HABITUATION with is 🗝key🗝 is finding peace with food and becoming an intuitive eater. 

So, are you able to allow yourself to eat the food without worry, without fear, shame or guilt. Without burning it off or compensating for it in some other way? 

Follow these 3 simple steps and give it a go ⬇︎

✅STEP 1: Start by getting one serving of the food you usually FORBID 

✅STEP 2: Give yourself FULL PERMISSION to eat it and to enjoy it 

✅STEP 3: REPEAT until you begin to habituate these foods 

*Important note to remember - food habituation does not mean you get 😑bored😑of the foods you love. It means, you give yourself permission to eat the things you love, you enjoy the food and then you move on until the next time you fancy eating the food again 💫

This behavioural experiment is about collecting data 📈. It’s likely going to feel uncomfortable at first and stir up some underlying thoughts and feelings around your relationship with your body and food. 

This experiment might feel hard, but starting yet ANOTHER DIET tomorrow or next week or next month is also HARD. Which hard option are you going to choose? ✨

If you need extra support then we take you through the process of this behavioural experiment in more depth in our course: Diet Culture Dropout. You can get instant access to the course by signing up here.

Let us know how you get on by joining us in our facebook community here.

Thanks for being here and considering another way.

Sara & Bekah 💫

P.s Just a reminder that Binge Eating Disorder is a mental health condition. If you are bingeing regularly and you are noticing that it is starting to impact on your mental health then you might want to consider structured weekly therapy. I (Sara) offer weekly therapy to support you in stopping bingeing and identifying any underlying emotional triggers that are keeping you in the restrict into binge cycle. Book a free Zoom consultation here.