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Dedicated to supporting folks in their journey to improve their body image and ditch diets for good. We do this through therapy, psycho-education and our 'Debunking Diet Culture' online course.

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Why we do the work we do


of 11 to 16 year olds regularly worry about the way they look.

$189.8 BILLION

That is how much money the weight loss industry was worth in 2018.


of dieters will regain the weight they lost while dieting.

Hi, I'm Sara!


I’m the founder of The Intuitive Psychology Academy, and I'm a psychologist who specialises in Body Image Dissatisfaction.

The Intuitive Psychology Academy was created to tackle the issues at the root of the diet industry and provide folks with the psycho education and therapeutic interventions they need to begin healing their relationship with their bodies and food.


What to expect from our Debunking Diet Culture course...

Learn about the science behind why diets don't work

Explore systemic issues that perpetuate fatphobia: classism, racism, sexism, capitalism.

Learn healthy coping mechanisms for bad body image days

Our Online Course


  • Lifetime access
  • 6 video modules
  • Reflective workbook with over 25 thought provoking tasks
  • Over 100 resources to continue your learning
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